Here at Windowfix we can offer a service of upgrading the security on your existing windows.  A burglar can enter a house through two entry points in a window, the first being through the opening sash where the locks are forced to breaking point until the sash opens.


We use various locking systems that can be retrofitted to the window which significantly enhance the security of the opening sash ultimately leaving it extremely difficult for burglar entry. The second burglar entry point is through the glass where the glass is broken and an entry is created through the window.


We use the very latest technology in burglar proof glass which is a combination of toughened and laminated glass and will bolster your window's security.

The following can be retrofitted to most window systems:


• Multi-point shoot bolt to BS 7950

• Multipoint espag/shoot bolt 6 point locking

• Sash Bolts

• Sash Jambs

• Burglar proof glass


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